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30/5 years later…

i can’t believe that my graduation is drawing near enough to warrant a website with relevant logistical information. yet, here it is.

i can’t wait for you to be in philly to celebrate two milestones for me–turning 30 and becoming a rabbi! as judaism teaches, a celebration is not a celebration without family, friends, dancing and food so thank you for coming and helping this celebration come true.

for those of you who i don’t see often but who are part of my childhood and early development as  a person and a jew, it means so much to me that you will get to come and see a little bit more about my life today–my people, my places, and of course all that i have been doing for the past 5 years at the reconstructionist rabbinical college. you are my roots and i thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past (almost) 3 decades. thank you so much for your curiosity about me and my life and for prioritizing being in philly to have a l‘chaim with me.

for those of you who are around daily, i am glad to get to mark this special moment with you and to have a chance to honor and thank you for the love, support, and critique you have offered me as i  have been working my tush off.

so much love and so much anticipation—